Nuby 3 Stage Baby’s Firs


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Brand: Nuby


  • Give your baby the tools they need to grow and learn independence. With Baby’s First Spoons, your little one can tackle learning to self-feed one step at a time.
  • Each stage of feeding is addressed with spoons designed to grow with baby. The stage 1 spoon is for thin purees, stage 2 is for thicker purees, and stage 3 is for semi-solid foods.
  • As babies develop, they naturally want to assert themselves. That’s why Baby’s First Spoons are designed to encourage self-feeding & a sense of independence.
  • Baby’s First Spoons are specifically engineered for small hands. The Easy Grip handle is easy for little ones to grasp and hold, making self-feeding easier.
  • Sometimes baby needs something to gnaw on. Baby’s First Spoons are made of silicone that helps soothe your little one’s sore gums.
  • Nuby always keeps your family’s safety in mind. Baby’s First Spoons are made of BPA-free materials.

Package Dimensions: 14x185x50

Release Date: 19-07-2022

Details: Babies grow up fast. When introducing new foods, utensils that help little ones transition from soft foods to semi-solid foods are essential to helping babies learn to self-feed. Nuby’s Baby’s First Spoons support each stage of self-feeding, from soothing sore gums to helping baby learn independence. Stage 1 is great for yogurts and purees, while Stage 2 easily scoops up thicker foods like oatmeal. When baby can handle more solid foods, the Stage 3 spoon is perfect for foods like mashed veggies. Baby’s First Spoons are designed to be easy for baby to grasp and hold. Nuby’s Baby’s First Spoons are made of BPA-free materials with your family’s safety in mind.

UPC: 039175809149